Am i leveling at snail speed? [1 lvl every 1-2 weeks]


Huh? When was this? Do I have to do something special to order lessons? I just leveled up a couple days ago and the lessons were randomly distributed like normal.


It was today.


Thanks, I didn’t see that. That’s great for getting all the radicals out of the way on a level up.


I usually level up every 9 days (except during holidays like Christmas when I took 19 days to finish level 23). Lately I’m not really focused on quick level-up any more. I want to bring my apprentice level down.

My average apprentice number is around 150, but I think I’d be much happier with < 100. Been delaying my lessons for several days now, finally got it to zero again.


To all who are thinking i did lvl 1 in 4231 days you’re wrong

i did them in about 5 days and already knew all the kanji because i learned them already…
but the slow learning process started first at lvl 4 its getting now faster but still i am not even in the same category as i would want to be…


About 13.8 billion years passed before I completed level 1, but once I got to level 2 I was bookin’ it.


Wow, i’m so proud of you ;D


I blasted through as fast as possible, minus midnight review sessions, my success rate around 75%. I’m kinda burnt out right now, and risk losing ground because of it.

So, take it at whatever speed feels comfortable. All of our lives are different, all of our retention and attention spans are different, so do whatever feels right for you.


Well i can blast too at a really fast speed but the main issue is that it may be too much and in the end i may actually forget 3/4th of the kanji which i have “Guru” on it leading me to a 200+ apprentices my friend actually has done a speed-run through 6-9 levels and now has no idea with what he should even start with… 400+ reviews and they still keep coming like 100+ a day


I think level 6 was just exhausting for me personally. I couldn’t wait to finish it and proceed. It took me 66 days to finally get to level 7 (that’s insanely slow). So many factors kept me from getting it done any faster: work, lack of ambition, selling a house, etc. Sometimes it’s just hard to be committed to wanikani every single day. I just try not to prioritize on merely the idea of leveling up. If it takes longer than average for me to finish a level, then so be it. As long as you keep going, that is. I will probably never finish any level under 20 days, but I don’t really mind. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” :smile:



This should be called “learning 生” and its all meanings


No such thing. What never seems to be said explicitly is that WK is an exercise in time management and pacing. For instance, I follow a set of rules to ensure I am never overwhelmed: having less than 100 Apprentice items at any given time, having less than 300 Guru items at any given time (failing at this one right now). This ensures that my review queue is manageable at all times. When these conditions are violated, I stop doing new lessons altogether until the balance is restored and I’ve pushed as much up the SRS ladder as I’d like (typically bringing the total Apprentice under 20, and the Guru under 150). This means that if I have to stop between levels for weeks, so be it (like right now). The whole point is to ensure you are never buried to the point that you lose motivation. Find the balance that works for you.
Good luck.


Exactly what I’m talking about.


I don’t think you are slow.
I do the reviews in bulk everyday before sleep (Maybe in the afternoon once if I am feeling it) I usually take 2 day breaks before new levels. I think this is a relaxed but a consistent (my first priority is not to get burned out) pace. My average for the last 5 or so levels is around 15 days (It even was around 25 between levels 3-6).


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