Am I doing this right?

Hey. I recently got into Wanikani and began learning from level one. Since I have to wait for reviews then I decided to do some studying on KanjiDamage. So I decided to right down the radicals and Kanjis along with their onyumi and kunyumi definitions. But suddenly felt overwhelmed and felt as if my iq was dropping? Am I studying efficiently?


KanjiDamage uses different names for radicals and even many kanji. I check it when I feel like a WK mnemonic is weak, but I really strongly don’t recommend learning from both sites in parallel.

If you’re starting from 0 here, you could consider watching some basic grammar YouTube videos while you wait for new lessons. No need to take notes or memorize anything - just let it start osmosing in. It’ll make many words much easier when you get to them in your SRS.


Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it.

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