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Hey all, I’ve just recently started out and have been using Type Kana to help speed up my hiragana and katakana reading speeds, unfortunately their site went down and from what I can tell the creator @fleon hasn’t been on in a while so I was wondering if you guys had any alternatives to TypeKana? Thanks!


I didn’t realize it went down. Thanks for letting me know. It is now back up.


I use this site

This one especially for reading and typing kanji. These are short passages instead of just random characters. Plus, it’s timed. タイピングバラエティ 長文 - インターネットでタイピング練習 イータイピング | e-typing ローマ字タイピング

If you can’t read the kanji you can look at the bottom where it shows the kana version.

I smoked some of my students.


Are there different rules for how the little ones work? I typed “ryo” and it was marked incorrect. I’m using Safari on the latest iOS (11.4.1) on iPad.

I’m a bit surprised that my katakana accuracy is better than the hiragana one. I’ve always thought that my katakana is a bit rusty because it’s rarely used.

Might I also suggest an improved version of Type Kana (one of the forks)


Thanks a bunch!

This site looks awesome! Thanks so much :smile:

Some reason I never knew this was a thing. Ive used real kana before but this is a more of what im looking for. My hiragana is pretty good, but my katakana is lacking so ill check this out.
Than k you for suggesting it.

Hey am I just going crazy or do the periods not work on Type Kana for the Word mode?

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Yeah, there is an error in the code.

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'hiraganaToRomaji[hiraganaChar][0]')

The program doesn’t know what a full-stop in Japanese is 。

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:cry: Looks like a cool idea though

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