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Hello :slight_smile:
does anyone know a good alternate mnemonic for the kanji reading of 行?
I cannot for the life of me remember ぎょう or こう…
they just don’t stick, no matter how often I get it wrong and re-read the WK mnemonic…
(btw I am also struggling with the kanji readings, as they seem kind of random to me…)

Thanks to whoever has a tip!!

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For starters, the こう reading gets a lot more use than the ぎょう reading, so the trick might be to just remember the exceptions when you come across them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, when it comes to こう、if, for some reason, WK founder こうichi is not a strong enough mnemonic for you – then think of why would you go anywhere? To buy some coこうke and some Gyouぎょうza, of course! :yum:


I find that most of the time readings are easiest to remember with a vocabulary example. Many Japanese textbooks introduce the word 銀行 (bank) very early on, so it is a word I remember easily. Even if you don’t remember the first kanji, you could try remember the reading and literal meaning of the kanji used. ぎんこう - bank - place where silver (money) goes to.

I don’t know if this is useful to you, but it helps me at least.


Completely spaced on the meaning of 行列 the other day, and couldn’t find it immediately because I tried to look for こうれつ. Totally forgot in that moment that ぎょう was the other possible on’yomi. Whoops. :see_no_evil:


that’s really good, thank you!!!

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omg i never knew ぎんこう is spelled with 行!
thats super helpful, thanks a lot!!


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