Almost all turtles burned!

I have 28 turtles at master level. 52 at enlightened. And 9147 at burned. Around April 2024 I should have all my turtles burned! Yay


Get those turtles burned!! Congrats on level 60! :turtle: :fire:

Wow! Phenomenal job. Great that you’re going for a full WaniKani completion. I hope to one day do the same. :slight_smile:

it is certainly an achievable goal ! just do a reasonable amount of lessons and reviews every day

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thanks. slow and steady wins the race

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very impressive indeed.

thank you!

I’m curious, what was a reasonable amount of both to you? How long have you been using WK?

I just did all the reviews as they came up. of course i had other priorities in life which made this hard but that is what I always tried to do

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