AlliCrab failing to update on iOS 13.1.2

Hi all,

I’ve been using (and loving) the AlliCrab app for the last month or so on iOS 13.1.2.
Today for the first time it won’t update when I finish lessons and reviews.
I keep getting the error message “Failed to update. The data couldn’t be read because it is missing.”
I’ve tried logging out and back in, switching my phone off and even uninstalling and then reinstalling AlliCrab.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?



Same. Began experiencing similar behavior after the iOS iPad software update this morning PST.

I’ve been having the issue since about 1:30 or 2-ish JST. I deleted the app and went to go redownload it, but now the app isn’t even showing up in the App Store.

I’m lost!

Having similar issues on ios 12. Same app :frowning:

It’s been happening to the lot of us.

Also, it might be better to post your concertns to the dedicated thread for the app.

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Thanks, I’ve posted there too!

I am too!!!