All my scrips stoped working

I seem to be facing the same issue. Additionally, the lessons page seems to be marking me wrong even though I input the correct readings:

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you see, this is where you went wrong. do yourself a favour and get firefox
(might not fix the problem but come on man chrome is bloat)

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that’s probably the katakana madness script. you edit it can add this line to the top as a quick fix (as i’m not sure anyone has actually fixed it yet):

// @exclude

Slippery slope, man, now you suggest using chrome, then you tell everyone, that Windows is just a virus and they should use at least Linux if not bsd, then it will be all about vim and all the editors will be just vim with bloat and finally you will be using arch btw.


Thank you!

:joy: I’m not the OP, but…

I stopped using Firefox back when it became the new Internet Explorer: slower than molasses on a glacier, and more bugs than an entomologists display cabinet.

Then I stopped using Chrome back when websites became more full of Google tracking than actual functioning website (and again, slower than molasses). And Microsoft is like the Flu, trying to mutate into a Covid variant so it can regain some attention from Google users.

Now, 50% of the web consists of “Accept Cookies” messages (thanks to GDPR) that come back every time I visit. And another 20% is “Please disable your Ad Blocker” messages. But it sure is blazingly fast!


So what are you using now?

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Yeah who is still using Firefox not even my mom and sis use it anymore.

But imagine how many children are now protected from all these evil cookies. I wish people would stop wasting energy on bullshit and use it on something productive. There are much bigger problems to solve on planet earth right now than privacy on the internet.

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I am temporarily using Brave while re-surveying the current options. Brave is a fork of Chrome with a lot of the Google and social media stuff blocked. It also includes its own opt-in rewards-based ad scheme to support Brave development via advertisers that you want to support, but I have that disabled.

I was using Dissenter for much of 2021. Dissenter is a fork of Brave that is more thoroughly de-Googled and with options for stricter social media control. But the dev team is preoccupied with building social media and payment-processing alternatives, so they don’t keep the browser updated. I eventually started having problems using a few websites sites, so a few weeks ago I switched back to Brave. In hindsight, Dissenter was probably fine, because I found that some corrupt cookies were causing the problems I was seeing.


To me, the annoying thing about GDPR is that people who understand internet privacy don’t need to be told, and those who don’t understand aren’t likely to make good choices based on GDPR-required notifications. So, basically, we all have to suffer through endless “Accept/reject cookies” prompts with little actual gain for the vast majority of people.


Many scripts seem to not work suddenly, including WaniKani Lesson User Synonyms 2. Which means I can’t add all the missing meanings while learning stuff, like usual (it really should be a baseline feature of the site IMHO, but that’s another topic). This is one beneficial script feature I’ve become so addicted to, it really bothers me when it’s gone.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on with scripts? Are there any workarounds/temporary fixes?

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me, although heavily modified with changes in about:config, custom css and addons galore. i have no speed issue whatsoever but mozilla sure has an annoying habit of implementing little UI changes i hate.

Wanikani announced that they are making some breaking changes (not sure if those changes have started yet), and they introduced a script compatibility mode to help with transitioning through those changes.

On Wanikani’s Setting page, try turning on Script Compatibility Mode until the authors of the malfunctioning scripts are able to fix them.


Thank you, that worked.


Yup. I mostly stopped using it due to it becoming less compliant with evolving web standards (which may no longer be an issue by now), but also the annoying UI changes. Totally agree!

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Hi! only the lesson page. The ones I use and do not work are:
lesson user synonyms
WK ato commit
Knaji Damage mnemonics

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And I activated that option and it didn’t change anything

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Lesson User Synonyms already has a fix (the code needs to be copied manually), but the other three still need to be fixed.

Really? That is strange. I will have to test this myself.

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The auto-commit script works for me (with and without compatibility mode).

The Kanji Damage mnemonics script at first did not work at all for me. It expects that a certain value exists in jStorage (currentItem), but this value is only created during reviews. After starting a review session and going back to lessons, it works (but only with compatibility mode enabled).

The Community Mnemonics script had security issues and two people tried to solve them but did not finish. So it seems there are currently three versions of this script. The one I tried somewhat worked, but claimed that there are no community mnemonics for the items I have in my queue. I don’t know if this is true, or if it is actually broken.

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