All in one kanji - anki

I have plenty of time and downloaded the all in one kanji, I wanna drill through it next to my core deck.
Has anyone had experience with the all in one kanji deck?

I’ve “learned” (i.e. viewed at least once) all the cards in it. Joys kanjis were fine, but the quality drastically drops beyond. You may find cards with no definition, no reading, or even neither (so a single kanji on the front with nothing behind).
It’s possible to complete the card by hand, of course, but it’s really annoying.

(Well, it was a while ago, so they may have fixed it, but I doubt it).

Anyway, that’s after 2500 kanjis, so you have time to think about it :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s good to just study the joyo or pick a deck with N5 Kanji, or anything like that. Instead of this.

Hmmm, it wasn’t great, honestly.
They give a bunch of context (words etc) on the first 1500 kanji, but it dries up after that.
(And that’s basically why I am here now).

For N5, if you aren’t on a tight schedule (eg the JLPT next week) just going with WK is fine.
Otherwise, yeah, that deck is fine for cramming.

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