AI based Japanese grammar checker


Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know about some updates I’ve rolled out to this project in the last couple of days.

:fire: Improved accuracy

Based on everyone’s helpful feedback, I’ve re-trained the model on a much larger dataset, including data from Twitter and Japanese web novels. You may have noticed a fairly big accuracy boost lately, especially on colloquial text. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and keep it coming!

:hugs: Open sourcing models and code

If you’re interested in this sort of thing or know how to code, you might be interested in checking out the source code I used to create the data. You can also download the full model for use in whatever you like, at my github page:

As always let me know if you have suggestions or issues! :heart:



Another minor update today!

:relaxed: No more model feedback needed!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback to the model through the mechanism on the site! Thousands of sentences were sent as feedback which was really helpful to me in seeing where the model was going wrong. Since the performance is now pretty good, I’ve removed the feedback mechanism which means, no more annoying messages asking you for feedback! Should make checking things much quicker. As always though, feel free to send me your thoughts or problems with the site, either here or at the email address on the website.

:lipstick: Make-over!

I decided to re-design the site with a brighter theme, since some people couldn’t read the text clearly. I’ve also set the default language to English.

Thanks for all your interest, almost 10,000 sentences have now been checked on 文法ーCHECK! :open_mouth:


That’s good. I’ve just tested with a text I wrote and got corrected by a native speaker and everything is as expected. :slight_smile:

Would it be too hard to get feedback on why it is wrong, even if it is vague? Or display expected.

The input text box needs redesign though.
The formating when I pasted forgot all return carriaged. And ctrl+z inside the box wasn’t working.

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Hmm, Ctrl+Z works for me on Chrome. What browser are you using? Yeah all the formatting needs to be stripped on paste to stop weird fonts and characters coming in. There might be a way to conserve the line breaks though, I’ll have to look into that - thanks for bringing it up.

Mm yeaaaah it is a whole other beast to give suggestions, hehe. It’s definitely something I want to look into and it’s been requested quite a bit. I’m a bit busy with my degree at the mo but when I have a bit more time I’m going to look into building a new model which is capable of this.

Thanks for the thoughts and for giving it a try! :slightly_smiling_face: very glad to hear it stood up the text corrected by a native.

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Also chrome but through a rdp session.
I’ve tested it again, it works except to delete pasted text.

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