Ages in japanese

I’m using the genki text book when I came across this strange thing…
The question was say what this woman’s age is as an example it said mary’s mother is 45 then in the example it said mary san no bla bla then got to her age it said yonjyuu (40 as expected) then it said attached to this word was a ha so the total word was yonjyuuhassai I understand the sai bit and the yonjyuu but whats with this ha shouldn’t it be yonjyuugosai cuase 40 and 5 please explain thanks

Yeah, this doesn’t seem quite right. If she is 45 it should be よんじゅうごさい
よんじゅうはっさい is 48 years old.

so just a genki mistake

On which page and in which Genki book is this? I don’t remember there being such a mistake

you will think I’m really dumb but I miss translated mother for father sorry my bad thats where the mistake is my translation

You’re not dumb, you’re just learning. We were all at your point some time, calling you dumb would be like calling ourselves dumb :wink:


thanks for the inspirational comment, actually just changed my perception on so much stuff


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