After finishing all reviews still 47 reviews displayed on dashbord

There is another thread about this, known issue, devs are working on it :slight_smile:

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me also, my critical condition items are all there still :melting_face: but when i click into to view them they arent there, not sure if this is a good thing :grin: :sweat_smile:


  1. Awfully suspicious. Is WK trying to tell me my reviews are the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

problem seems to be fixed?

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What add-on is that?

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I’ve got the same issue. Refreshing seems to sometimes fix it, but its an inconsistent fix.

Much appreciated!

Same problem here. I’m glad the forum post showed up on the front page :laughing:

The crabigator hungers for more.

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Hey everyone, we are currently working on this issue and we hope to have it fixed vey soon. Thank you all for your patience in the meantime!


Good to know it’s not just me. For a moment I thought I had messed something up with the scripts XD Time to enable them again hehe

Same problem here, I contacted Wanikani and it seems to be a visual bug, hope this gets sorted out soon ಥ_ಥ

Yes, this same problem started last night for me.

I think it has been fixed now. Review and lesson counts are correct for me.

Thank you WK team! :heart_eyes:

Still getting incorrect numbers here. I think the problem only shows up for an hour or so after a review is completed.

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Hey everyone! This has been fixed. Thank you for your patience :love_letter:


Thank you!


It does indeed appear to be fixed now. :crossed_fingers:

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