Advices about free options for heat-up the learning practice

I come at level 3 on a slow but pleasant pace, testing others learning tools from internet in the meantime. I have the will to buy the rest of content, but not the founds. This month, I have no options for money and, with the holidays coming soon, I hope some special cupom would appear.

So, what would be a better form to heat-up the practice until I reach financial support to invest in unlock the rest of wanikani lessons? Only keep the reviews? Use the low level charts without the lesson and review system? Try more of other learning tools?

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You could in the meantime try to learn the lower level kanji and vocab on your own, it will help you go through those levels faster when you do have the funds, ensuring you have to pay less in the long run!

In the meantime, try to learn some grammar, if you don’t already know some, using some free resources, like Tae Kim, and youtube channels.

That will help you to make sense of the context sentences as well.

Also keep coming to the forums for some grammar support or just fun!


At the end of the year there is usually a tofugu sale on lifetime accounts!

If you’re dead set on using wanikani to learn kanji, then you could use this time to start learning grammar.

As Saida said, there are a lot of free good resources on the internet like Imabi, Tae Kim’s Guide, and on youtube Japanese Ammo with Misa and Cure Dolly. Also apps like memrise and bunpo.

And with some work, you can download Anki for you pc and/or phone and keep learning kanji/vocab with SRS the same way (kind of) as wanikani for free.

Have a look at the learning resources on the forum, there is a ton of stuff !


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