Advice Needed!

Doesn’t seem to have been said yet, so I will add - if you want some support to make starting reading less overwhelming, hop into one of the old Beginner Book Club or Absolute Beginners Book Club threads and look through their past volumes to pick something you want to read. There’s plenty of choices, people will have already asked some of your questions about the grammar, and usually you can get an answer to questions you have even if it’s been a while since the book club was running.

Reading native stuff is always overwhelming when you start - proficiency comes with practice. Sounds like you have a decent foundation to work from and it’s time to jump in, even for just 10 minutes/day. Personally, I enjoyed the Read every day challenge last summer (link is to the current thread) to help me get into that habit - haven’t really hopped into one since then, but it kicked me to get started.

Do you have a goal thing you want to be able to do in Japanese? Read a specific book, understand a specific show? That can be helpful to guide what steps forward come next - if it’s ‘read specific book’, starting read anything has to be a next step.