Advice needed. Have some difficulties when remembering individual kanji


As title said above, I’m have difficulties remembering single kanji (not word) instead when they in compound (jukugo). When in compound shape (jukugo), I can recall information fairly fast and read easily. But when starring single kanji, I’m blank.

Example. I’m starring at this kanji, and I can’t summon my memories back. Even I’m already learning this kanji.


But when they paired with another kanji/okurigana followed, I can read recall fast and easily remember how is read.


Except for some words which actually one word kanji which I’m focusing and remembering in mind like (堺、趣、礎) they still retained well. But yeah sometimes I’m forget how to read their onyomi unless paired with another kanji/okurigana followed like case above.

I’m might not used Wanikani, but I’m open my ear for some advice because I think Wanikani user learn kanji by systematic and probably have some better way/technique to tackle this compared with my unmethodical learning.

Thank you.

Yeah, with WK, we use mnemonics, usually based on the “radicals” in the kanji. The SRS helps, too. I would make up a story about the kanji and the reading you want to remember. So the first kanji means singing. The reading is right there in the word! SinGINg! Tadaaa! Repeat until it’s burned into your brain forever!

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I wish there was some kind of resource we could recommend for this, but nothing is coming to mind.


You will learn the secret of 吟 on level 59 :wink:

Not extremely helpful, but 吟 has the tone mark 今 that indicates its reading (kan-on of 今 is きん). Have a tone shift and you arrive at ぎん.

The memonics are probably more useful. In WK (吟 is listed as recital):
Here, if you are too afraid to start the recital now drink this gin (ぎん) to get your courage up.

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