Advice for returning after 2 years

So I’m planning to return to wanikani after 2 years, my level is 31.
I don’t want to restart from the beginning because I remember how slow it was, but I think I have forgotten some of my burned items. Is there a way to check or quiz me all of my burned items and then make it apprentice again? Maybe wanikani has implemented features like that or some third party script to do that? Thank you in advance.

I would try using self-study quiz script or KameSame.

You could do lessons for all the WK 1-30 items in KameSame and block the ones you remember, Then you could work the ones you don’t through the SRS alongside WaniKani with no speed limit.

As has been mentioned, you could use a self-study quiz or one of the reverse apps like kamesame or kaniwani to look at all those items. The latter methods all use SRS too though, so you’d take just as long doing that as you would do just restarting.

You say that speed is your issue with restarting, but I’m curious to know how many reviews you have waiting, unless you put yourself in vacation mode? I have come back from breaks of up to nine months before, but have never had a break as long as two years or at as high a level as you are at.

I would strongly recommend resetting, unless you’ve used some other method of Japanese study over the past two years to reinforce the kanji, since I’d expect for you to have forgotten so much by this point that your time would be better spent just sucking it up. I’ve heard from people who HAVEN’T reset at around your level who regret not doing so as they’ve then reset later anyway and could have saved time.

For what it’s worth I’m in the same boat as you, returning after a three year absence. I’m about a month into my return, and it’s not the burned items that are giving me trouble since I’ve found I remember the vast majority of them. Items in master or enlightened are the trouble. It would be a great idea to sit down over several sessions and see what you remember and what you don’t in those levels, otherwise you can get bogged down with lots of old items dropping to apprentice or guru if you don’t have an opportunity to re-introduce yourself to them.

If you haven’t already looked at it, is great for showing a comprehensive list of items if you want to have an overview of your progress.

Thank you guys. I will try to look this Kamesame first.

You’re right, now I have tried Kamesame I might as well I reset in Wanikani, because it also uses SRS.
Idk how many reviews I have since I’m still not resubscribe to wanikani yet. But last year before I cancel my subscription, I have like 800 reviews lol. I don’t put my account to vacation mode so it must be piled up to 1000++.
For the past two years I’ve been busy and only learn grammar from bunpro.
I’m going to try self-study quiz script before I decided to reset or not.
Thank you.

I’ll put it this way, I was on level 24 and took a four month break without vacation mode.

I came back to 2500 reviews. I can’t remember how many total items you have at 31, but I suspect that your number of reviews will be somewhere north of 3000. It was too painful for me to face, so I reset back to 10 and was only left with 500.

One way to give yourself an idea, once you re-subscribe, is to install @Kumirei’s Review Hover Details script, this will break down the number of reviews you have per level.

This, for example, was my reviews per level breakdown at level 24 after four months of break:


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Every time someone posts a screenshot of this script I can’t believe I actually made it say “cum”


I figured you were always trying to find ways to work that into everything without getting banned


You know me so well

What @pragmata said - I assumed it was intentional

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Of course it’s intentional, I just can’t believe I actually did it!


It is like a rickroll with a better payoff


What does the “cum” stand for?

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Wow. That was fast. Thx for the info.

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As in cumulative load?


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