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Can somebody look over this phrase?- "私は人工脳あります。” - “I have an artificial brain”. Would also like to add “but I am still human”

Im not advance but i think something like “でもまだ人間です” should be fine

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Personally I’d write it as,



thank you!

Thank you!

I’d suggest something along the lines of 私の脳が人工ですけど、まだ人間です。Not sure if 人工 is the right word to use for artificial here though.


Should use 人工的な or 人口の

人口 is population, definitely don’t use that :wink:

人造 is probably the closest for synthetic/artificial, since it’s an antonym for 自然 natural.


Oh whoops, stupid auto kanji tricking me. 人工 not 人口. Editing my previous post.

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