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You guys sure know how to tie break things :wink:



Hey @yamitenshi some people are in need of the multipoll script here

… I clicked by accident and now I just have to hope I won’t be the deciding vote. :sweat_smile: I did switch to the one I’m more likely to read!


Don’t worry, we have everything under control :crazy_face:


Oh by the way there is also a free bookwalker version: パノラマ島綺譚 - 文芸・小説 江戸川乱歩(青空文庫):電子書籍ストア - BOOK☆WALKER -

I guess it’s just the Aozora text, but at least it says that it uses new kanji and new kana, and that’s about all that matters for me :sweat_smile:


I think that’s one of the ones I linked in my nomination post. :wink:
It being free is definitely a plus that makes me not feel too guilty if Genocidal Organ doesn’t quite make it this time around.


No, you linked a BookWalker book that costs money, that’s why I mentioned the free one here :wink:

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Pretty sure I linked both!
The Aozora one I linked is the bookwalker aozora and I described the paid one as “one of the paid bookwalker options” since sometimes people like to go with a paid version just in case I guess.
Granted, the free version should probably be extra highlighted!


Oh, I thought the Aozora link was actually an Aozora link and not a link to the Aozora text on some other platform :wink: My bad, then!

Just curious: Is there a reason you didn’t give the link to the Aozora site?

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I just spend a lot of time on bookwalker and haven’t used the actual Aozora site, so I’m just uninformed. I’ll update the text of the nomination to be a little more clear.

P.S.: I also accidentally clicked the poll, bringing my neutrality to an end :pensive:


I just added that to my Bookwalker account so it has to win now


OMG waking up to this :rofl: :woman_facepalming:

Y’all are pretty serious about the tie-breaking, I take it :wink:

Luckily we have time until October to settle this :sweat_smile:

Oh ok, I see. The actual Aozora site just displays the books as HTML text. There are (mobile) apps that can display the text in a fashion very similar to the Bookwalker app (one is called Sorari, for example) but I also like the Bookwalker app a lot (despite the mediocre dictionary integration) and so I usually prefer to read even the free books on Bookwalker and not on the other readers.
Here on the forums I got the impression that most people just accept Bookwalker as “the least-bad option” and so I don’t expect people to be fans, actually. Happy to meet a fellow Bookwalker friend :slight_smile:


I happened to hear about it during a completely coincidental 50%-coin-back sale after years of assuming physical books on amazon was the easiest option, so I fell deep into it extremely quickly :slight_smile:
The dictionary issue doesn’t matter to me since I prefer to use the same dictionary app on my phone for every source anyway, and there’s tons of stuff I just assumed was inaccessible that I found easily on bookwalker, so I’m definitely partial to it!

Sorry I can’t help with the tie - I want to read them both equally!!


Finally the tie got untied :sweat_smile:

I’m happy to announce our winner for the second place:


I’ll leave the rest to @rodan 's skillful hands!


Do you think I should make a main thread for it now, or wait until 乳と卵 gets going since for now it’d be a couple months before Panorama Island actually starts?
(Also “the rest” is making the threads and schedule and stuff right? :sweat_smile:)


You can already make the club‘s home thread now if you want, so that people can sign up already and know where to discuss things beforehand in case the need arises.
And yes, the next thing would be to think about / come up with a schedule (for which the home thread is also well-suited).
But if you want to defer it for a bit, that’s also totally fine. Technically we will not need it before October anyways.

After the home thread and schedule are created, the next thing would be the weekly threads, like you said.


Okay, I went ahead and made the thread and updated the top post! (except the title and the master list of book clubs).

That’s that for now until October I guess! Might as well be another century.

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Great, thank you! Yeah, it will be quite the wait until we’ll make use of that thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Quick heads-up for everybody: Our next pick starts on Saturday: