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Hehe :rofl: „Not properly thinking about timezones“ was rather the culprit here… heck, I would join the Flat Earth Society any minute…

For the book club, there are some templates and suggestions in this thread, and if you have more questions, I‘m always happy to help :blush:


The poll post mentioned that the next book will start on June 17th.

Yes, I know, but I was really planning to finally get to some stuff on my backlog after the current IBC book ends (which just happens to be June 17th :wink:).


And done

Though oof, I first made the nomination in 2020.


Isn’t that a two week break? Or did something change with Tatami Galaxy again? Not that I care if it’s a two week break. Just want to make sure I have the right start date in my head.

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The week starting tomorrow is Tatami Galaxy’s last week (last thread already posted). So yes, it’s a two-week break.


Oh! Seems I miscalculated the start date for the next club :woman_facepalming:

If the participants of the Nausicaä club agree, we can move the start date forward one week, but I don’t know how this will work out as everybody needs to order physically? Any opinion on that one @Belthazar ?

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The poll voted 5-2 for the 10th June start.


Ok great, so the world order is re-established :wink: Thanks for taking care of this and sorry for the trouble!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to mention that a new light novel book club is being hosted over on Natively, and we’re voting on our first read now. Please give us a look if you’re interested!


And just as a quick update, we’ve selected our first book, and it’s コップクラフト!Please feel free to join if you’re interested!


The Halloween/Spooky Summer Book Club is currently voting for its first official pick. We’ll start reading in July or August, and the schedule will probably be informal if it exists at all. If you’re interested in a spooky read, come vote here:


Is the plan to start マリアビートル at the end of July? I’m very excited for that pick. Who doesn’t love trains?

Although I’m probably very quick to overload myself between this and Spooky Summer and still not being finished with 1Q84… (and I’m sure I’ll end up delaying all of it to read the volumes of Shadow House that came out while I was away)


Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question, but I am determined to join, too. I am also looking forward to it very much. :smiling_face:


Right now マリアビートル is scheduled to start on July 29th, though we might need to shift it back a week or two depending on whether or not the Nausicaa club changes their timeline.


Nah, the leading trend in the polls is to just telescope it out so we’re reading two volumes in six weeks instead of three volumes.


I took the liberty of making the list of previous books more prominent in the top post. I always thought it was a pity that it was hidden under “Archive > Book Polls and Winners”, and this seems more in line with other books clubs. But if you all think it takes too much space, we can hide it under a details tag.

Edit: I tried to make the table more compact so that the titles don’t wrap on mobile, but I don’t know if it’s better. We could put the extra info in another table but then it’s more work to edit…


The マリアビートル home thread is now ready:


Quick shout out that the Natively Mystery Book Club is now voting!

The poll runs for 7 days and we have 18 books to choose from! Most of them fall in the ABC level and our speed tends to be around 30-50 pages a week*; a few are on the easier side (mid 20s Natively level).

*we tend to start slower and ramp up as people get impatient to know the solution to the mystery


I was going to buy the book on Amazon and it looks like マリアビートル is book two of a trilogy called 殺し屋? Does anybody know anything about that? Do the books have anything to do with each other?


Natively says “While Amazon may list this book as part of the ‘殺し屋’ series, this book is simply set in that universe. This book is very much standalone novel.”

I think the first book is グラスホッパー, which seems to have a different cast.