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東野圭吾 :



都内で起きた不可解な連続殺人事件。容疑者もターゲットも不明。残された暗号から判明したのは、次の犯行場所が一流ホテル・コルテシア東京ということのみ。若き刑事・新田浩介は、ホテルマンに化けて潜入捜査に就くことを命じられる。彼を教育するのは、女性フロントクラークの山岸尚美。次から次へと怪しげな客たちが訪れる中、二人は真相に辿り着けるのか!? 大人気シリーズ第1弾のミリオンセラー。

English translation by yours truly, tread with caution

A baffling serial murder case in the city. Both suspect and motive are unclear. From the code left behind only the next crime scene could be deduced: first class Hotel Cortesia Tokyo. Young detective Nitta Kousuke is to go undercover as a hotelier. Female receptionist Yamagishi Naomi is to teach him. As one suspicious guest after the other arrives, can these two form a true team?! First volume of super popular mystery series~

Length : 515
Category : fast pace

No ebook available. L

Personal Opinion

It seems to be a pretty popular series, with a lot of good reviews on amazon, and more entries for the second book even than the first on bookmeter (26000 to 25000), so the first book should be really good. That’s how you judge these, right? :wink:

The author has received a couple prizes for his mystery/crime novels, but not for this one. Still, should be pretty good. And yep, this is the guy from 容疑者Xの献身 that is also in the nominations.

There’s no English translation available, which might be a point in the ‘worth reading in Japanese’ corner? It’s also been made into a movie

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • There’s probably a reason this guy’s so famous
  • It’s not too difficult
  • There’s more if we really like it!
  • No English version available yet, so we’ll really be ahead of the curve! :wink:


  • It’s really rather long
  • No ebook
  • No English version to check, if that’s still applicable here ^^


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