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本の読み方 スロー・リーディングの実践

Author: 平野 啓一郎



"本はどう読んだらいいのか? 速読は本当に効果があるのか?


What’s the right way to approach a book? Is speed reading truly effective? Transform your impoverished reading, mindlessly chasing characters, into a profound and enriching reading experience. Keiichiro Hirano, author of “At the End of the Matinee,” reveals the unique reading method that liberates you from the “speed reading complex.”

Length: 224 pages
Category: fast? (though that would be ironic)


Ebook availability: I think yes, but not totally clear: no kindle version, bookwalker says “only for Japan domestic sale” (aka use a VPN??), ebook Japan lists it. Check via the Natively page if you’re an ebook reader; I am not.

Personal Opinion

Recommended to me via bungakushoujo on the Natively forums, so I figured I’d throw this in as a non fiction nomination, just as something different.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • We like reading, maybe we’ll like reading about getting better at reading?
  • Non fiction is a good change of pace sometimes


  • Apparently the author can be a bit pretentious…
  • Length is quite short by our standards, but OTOH it’s non fiction and I think that tends to be a slower read; plus many of the books used as examples would be in our “slow” category


First Three Pages of Chapter One

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