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Author: 辻村 深月





(translation) His fiancée, Mami Sakaniwa, has disappeared. In order to find her whereabouts, Kakeru Nishizawa will have to face his past. This work, which received overwhelming support from readers as “a story that answers not only love but all kinds of worries in life” has finally been published in paperback.

Length: 504
Category: Fast


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Personal Opinion

It’s the same author as かがみの孤城 (read by the intermediate book club) which is my all time favorite Japanese book so far. A Japanese acquaintance mentioned that she loved this author but かがみの孤城 wasn’t the best book, so I was like, there’s better?? She said she liked this one, and also one called スロウハイツの神様, but it seems less popular and is also two parts. I really don’t know much about the book, but it seems to be about love and life and stuff and is apparently pretty gripping. Some people have mentioned this book on wanikani/learn natively forums before.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Gripping story (supposedly)
  • Romance novel (sort of?) which is a first for the club?
  • Recommended by a Japanese friend (who has actually read it), surely we all trust her opinion
  • Doesn’t seem to have a translation, so you can feel like you learned Japanese for a reason


  • A bit long, but it’s supposed to be easy
  • I really don’t know much about the story, so it will be a surprise


First Three Pages of Chapter One

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Additional Pages

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