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Author: 伊坂 幸太郎






Kimura, a drunken hit man plotting revenge for his young son. Prince, a junior high school student who hides a demon-like heart behind his honor student face. Lemon and Tangerine, a highly-skilled duo with secret orders from a boss of the underworld. And finally, Ladybug, the unlucky and timid assassin. In the cars of the high-speed Tohoku Shinkansen, predator and prey overlap…

Length: 592 pages
Category: Fast

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Personal Opinion

The movie Bullet Train is based on this book. I thought the movie was pretty good, so I’d like to read the book too.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • If you liked the movie: it’ll be cool to see how similar or different it is.
  • If you didn’t like the movie: the book is always better than the movie, right? Better read it to make sure.
  • If you haven’t seen the movie: reading the book will help you decide if you should watch it.
  • Everyone likes trains.


  • Might be a bit long.


The bookwalker page has a lengthy preview.

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