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Author: 三浦しをん

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箱根駅伝を走りたい――そんな灰二の想いが、天才ランナー走と出会って動き出す。「駅伝」って何? 走るってどういうことなんだ? 十人の個性あふれるメンバーが、長距離を走ること(=生きること)に夢中で突き進む。自分の限界に挑戦し、ゴールを目指して襷を繋ぐことで、仲間と繋がっていく……風を感じて、走れ! 「速く」ではなく「強く」――純度100パーセントの疾走青春小説。


Haiji wants to run the Hakone Ekiden - and his desire to do so is set in motion when he meets the genius runner Run. What is a ‘relay race’? What does it mean to run? The ten members, all full of individuality, are obsessed with running (=living) over long distances. Challenging their own limits, they connect with their friends by connecting the sash to the goal. … Feel the wind, run! Not “fast” but “strong” - a 100% pure novel of running youth.
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Length: 580 pages
Category: Fast pun intended


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Personal Opinion

I’ve read and heard several good reviews about this one. I’ve read Miura Shion before in translation, and really liked her style. She tends to explore the subjects she picks in great depth (running in this case), yet her writing never feels dry or uninteresting (I assume from what I’ve read). This book has been adapted into a manga, anime and movie, so it must have been pretty popular.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Opportunity to learn more about the Hakone ekiden and running in general
  • Good reviews
  • Popular book with anime/manga/movie adaptation


  • A bit on the long side at 580 pages.


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