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Author: 葉室 麟







Shaken feelings and the clan’s inhumanity. Will Iya be able to overcome the hardship?

My love is like an arrow, deliver it!

Iya, the eldest daughter of the Arikawa family, the chief vassal of the Ogino clan, is so good at archery that she competes with Higuchi Seishiro, the most skilled archer in the clan. As they compete with each other, Iya becomes attracted to Seishiro, but hisher younger sister, Hatsune, is proposed to marry Seishiro. Iya decides to fight Seishiro in an archery contest to clear his name, which has been brought into disrepute by the lord of the domain because of an unfortunate rumor about Iya. What is the identity of the mysterious samurai who has taken refuge in the Arikawa family? What will happen to the sisters’ wavering feelings? The factional strife of the smoldering clan engulfs the sisters.
A historical novel with noble aspirations that will move you with fresh emotions!

(Translated with DeepL, because I’m lazy :wink: I have corrected the pronoun where the AI was incorrectly suggesting incest but otherwise left it alone.)

Length: 312 pages
Category: historical/romance


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Personal Opinion

So, this one’s from my to-read pile; I figured I’d nominate it to see what the club’s appetite for historical fiction is – maybe you’d like a change from mystery fiction? :slight_smile: I’ve read and enjoyed a book by this author before (草雲雀), and I found it a fairly easy read as historical fiction goes. Author has won the usual collection of awards including 歴史文学賞, 松本清張賞 and 直木賞, though not for this book in particular.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • It’s only just over 300 pages, which hopefully compensates for historical-setting vocab issues


  • If you haven’t read historical fiction before, there’s a bit of genre-specific vocab that might increase the difficulty


The Bookwalker preview has pages 1-60

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