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深緑 野分:





Fukafuyu is a high school student whose great-grandfather is a collector of books. His father is the caretaker of the Mikura-kan, a huge library, but Fukayuki does not like books. One day, a book is stolen from the Mikura-kan, and Fukayuki sees a message left behind. The book’s curse is activated and the town is transformed into a world of stories. When Fuyuki learns that the curse cannot be undone unless the thief is caught, she ventures out into the various worlds of the book. Eventually, she herself begins to change…

(from DeepL)

Length: 344
Category: Fantasy


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Personal Opinion

This has been on my 積読 pile for awhile and I should probably get to it. If I’m being perfectly honest the summary reminds me of The Pagemaster :joy: I should call out that it has a high rating on Natively (46), but only one grader thus far and a ‘tentative’ grade at that, so it’s still in flux. Looking at the preview (and only the preview) I wouldn’t worry about it being over the level comfortable for the readers in this book club

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Seems unlikely to have anything gory or sexual
  • Less than 400 pages


  • Nothing springs to mind


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