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四畳半神話大系 (The Tatami Galaxy)

Author:森見 登美彦




私は冴えない大学3回生。バラ色のキャンパスライフを想像していたのに、現実はほど遠い。悪友の小津には振り回され、謎の自由人・樋口師匠には無理な要求をされ、孤高の乙女・明石さんとは、なかなかお近づきになれない。いっそのこと、ぴかぴかの1回生に戻って大学生活をやり直したい! さ迷い込んだ4つの並行世界で繰り広げられる、滅法おかしくて、ちょっぴりほろ苦い青春ストーリー。


Spinning at super-speed, this is our youth! A hilarious coming-of-age comedy from Tomihiko Morimi of The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl.

I’m a dull third-year university student. I imagined a rosy campus life, but reality is far from it. I’m pushed around by my bad friend Ozu, the mysterious free spirit Master Higuchi makes unreasonable demands, and I can’t seem to get close to the solitary maiden Akashi-san. I just want to go back to being a spick and span first year student and start my university life all over again! A funny and slightly bittersweet coming-of-age story that unfolds in four parallel worlds in which the characters have wandered.

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Length: 405
Category: Dark comedy, Psychological, Romantic comedy (according to Wikipedia)


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Personal Opinion

I watched a few episodes of The Tatami Galaxy anime and was impressed by both the art style (unrelated to the book) and the plot. Apparently it’s about a university student who tries and fails to live the university life of his dreams, then each episode (and I assume chapter) he starts afresh as if the previous chapter hadn’t happened, only to fail again in new ways. As soon as I found out the anime was adapted from a book I decided to get it, and postpone watching the rest of the anime until I’ve read the book.
It’s graded Level 43 on Natively, but I’m not sure why.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • It’s supposed to be funny yet deep
  • About university life
  • Has a very cool anime based on it


  • Might feel repetitive? The same period is repeated each chapter, but the events are different each time.
  • About university life
  • Looking at some reviews, they mention “modern” language. I’m guessing there may be specialized vocabulary of this particular age/social group that might pose some difficulties. Maybe the Natively level has to do with that.


Please refer to the Bookwalker 試し読み where you can read quite a few pages.

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