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Perfect! In that case, here’s my nomination post for something I have on my BookMeter 読みたい list that I think might have wider appeal. Will then add to the list in the OP. :smiley:


Author: 空木 春宵



Taken from Amazon:


Chucking the Amazon description into DeepL:
In the early Showa period, a playhouse stands in a corner of Asakusa’s six wards, where cruel plays are performed nightly by young girls. All the actors in the troupe were gathered under certain special conditions. One day, a newcomer with good looks and a beautiful voice arrives. A perfect girl is not supposed to exist in this place. When her secret is revealed, her “revenge” begins. (“Sensou Grand-Guignol”). A total of five stories depicting lonely souls living with pain and suffering they cannot share. The long-awaited book debut of the winner of the 2nd Sogen SF Short Story Award.

Length: 393 pages (per Amazon)
Category: Sci-fi / dystopia-ish?

honto (ebook, paper)

Personal Opinion

I read a review of it months ago when challenging myself to read an article everyday and it sounded intriguing. New author, short stories, has excellent reviews, seems like it will make me feel some feels. One of the Amazon reviews said it had cyberpunk vibes and it was 江戸川乱歩 esque.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Short stories tend to be more punchy and interesting
  • Won a prize
  • Widely available in ebook format


  • Almost 400 pages and the language seems like it fluctuates in difficulty a bit
  • I have no idea how weird things might get


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

Since it’s short stories I just grabbed a short section from the 立ち読み preview here:

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