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Alright, nothing happened to the poll in more than a day (and we reached the same number of participants as last time), so I’m declaring the voting to be over.

Luckily the tie got reduced to two entries: 本陣殺人事件 and 薬屋ひとりごと. :tada:

Also, this time around all books scored enough interest to stay in the proposals list, and the endangered books get reset :blush:

Now, what to do about the two winners? Both books are in the 400-page range, so at first sight there is no way to read one of them as a short entry (i.e. in less than 8 weeks) to have the other one follow up immediately.
So the standard way of resolving this tie would be a tie-breaker voting.

BUT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

本陣殺人事件 (i.e. the book I linked on Amazon and Bookwalker) actually consists of 3 stories. The first one (本陣殺人事件) is a bit less than 200 pages, the other two are ~75 and ~130 pages, guessing from the ebook.
So we could say that we’ll just read the first story of the book, which would qualify as a short entry if we go at about 30 pages/week or a bit less (given some people cautioned about potentially difficult vocabulary in later parts) and immediately read 薬屋ひとりごと afterwards.
This way we could check out the 本陣 author’s writing style and maybe decide later to read the other two stories as a spin-off, or put them back into the next poll, or drop the book for good, or something else :wink:

What do you all think?

  • I want to read one book in its entirety - bring on the tie breaker poll!
  • I’d like to read just the 本陣 signature story + the full 薬屋
  • I’m fine with either option
  • I have another idea (please explain)

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