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クォンタムデビルサーガ アバタールチューナーⅠ

(Quantum Devil Saga - Avatar Tuner 1)
Author : 五代ゆう (Godai Yuu)





In the post-apocalyptic Junkyard, a mysterious religious order known only as the Church watches over the brutal competition between warring tribes as they vie to unify six territories and thereby gain access to Nirvana, the promised land. In the wake of one particularly unusual battle, Serph, the leader of the upstart Embryon tribe, rescues a strange girl and discovers that he and his fellow fighters have gained the ability to transform into terrifying demon warriors. But these new abilities, along with this enigmatic girl named Sera, threaten to upend the balance of power not only in the Junkyard, but within the Embryon itself. Avatar Tuner, Vol. I opens the Quantum Devil Saga, a series inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei video games, which are widely popular in their native Japan and have gained a considerable following in the West. Translated into English for the first time, experience the story of Serph and his tribe as they fight not only to win, but to understand the supernatural forces that govern the Junkyard.

Length : 372 pages
Category : probably fast&easy

eBook available

Personal Opinion

So I’m a big Shin Megami Tensei fan, and I heard about this series way back. It’s written by Godai Yuu, one of the scriptwriters for the Digital Devil Saga series of games. She unfortunately had to leave the project before finishing, but her contract apparently allowed her to write her own DDS novels, so she did, writing the story how she wanted, unconstrained by the needs of being a video game. Godai is originally a novelist, so no worries there.

This is not a novelization of the DDS games; the story line starts to diverge quite a bit even in book one (of five), for those familiar with the original games.

I’ve read the first two books of this series in English (the rest not having been translated…); it, like the video games, is couched in Hindu and Buddhist terminology and concepts. The book’s not super philosophical or anything, but there will almost certainly be names and proper nouns thrown around.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • If you’re a fan of the Digital Devil Saga games, this is written by one of the games’ initial scriptwriters
  • Modern Japanese
  • Sci-fi/fantasy
  • There’s an English version (though it appears to be out of print…)
  • There are four more books if you like this one
  • Probably going to be some religious, specifically Hindu and Buddhist, terminology to learn


  • Probably going to be some religious, specifically Hindu and Buddhist, terminology to learn
  • The books revolve around characters turning into demons and eating each other; I don’t remember the descriptions being too over the top or anything, but slight content warning there
  • Sci-fi/fantasy if you don’t like the genres
  • This being book one of five, expect cliffhangers and such


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