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Author : 宮崎駿





The story is set in the future at the closing of the ceramic era, 1,000 years after the Seven Days of Fire, a cataclysmic global war, in which industrial civilization self-destructed. Although humanity survived, the land surface of the Earth is still heavily polluted and the seas have become poisonous. Most of the world is covered by the Sea of Corruption, a toxic forest of fungal life and plants which is steadily encroaching on the remaining open land. It is protected by large mutant insects, including the massive Ohmu. Humanity clings to survival in the polluted lands beyond the forest, periodically engaging in bouts of internecine fighting for the scarce resources that remain.

Nausicaä, a young princess, has an empathic bond with the giant Ohmu insects and animals of every creed. She fights to create tolerance, understanding and patience among empires that are fighting over the world’s remaining precious natural resources.

Length : 128 pages 1
Category : Fairly slim, but with potential to continue

1 For volume 1, at least. Amazon says it’s 136 pages, and while the last page is certainly numbered 136, the first page is inexplicably numbered 9 - and it’s literally the first leaf in the book.


Amazon: Volume 1 only - Seven-volume set.
Can’t find an e-book.

Personal Opinion

Well, it’s one of the classics of our era, ya know? Plus, we can finally put to work one of the kanji that WaniKani teaches but has no vocab for (by which I mean 駿).

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Well, it’s pretty.
  • Each volume is comparatively short, giving us convenient places to stop if we want to stop.
  • Lots of dialect practice, I’ve heard.


  • Well, no e-book.


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