Additional studying?

The point of WK and SRS, is to minimize the amount of time you spend on learning any one item. Thus allowing you to spend the time you freed up, which you would otherwise spend poring over the same lists everyday, on other aspects of learning. What you are doing is practicing recall and writing, using a method you devised. It seems to be working well for you, except that you might still be repeating the same items every day, even if you know them well (regardless of reduced repetitions, that’s still a lot of time you’re putting in them). These extra reviews are only going to increase, so might I suggest a way to streamline this a bit more?

There is the app KameSame, which does what you’re doing. Test you on kanji, EN-JP style (and a lot more). You can connect it to your WK level, so you can practice the same kanji in the same order as you learn them on here. You can still keep writing them in your notebook, but just like on WK, the items you get right you won’t have to practice again the next day. It think it might help you free up some more time for grammar studies, reading, writing diary entries, or what have you.