Addition of Pattern of Use Tab?

I noticed a new tab on WK called Pattern of use.

it was under the noun 罪 . Pretty cool tab showing how the word is used in NATURAL speech.

I think this is pretty cool but only saw it on this word.

Any idea if this will be implemented site wide?


That sounded vaguely familiar, so I found the forum thread where it was introduced! (or at least, the context feature in general)

It sounds like it’s new and limited but might be broadened in the future.

The “pattern of use” specifically seems to be from this even more recent update:


Are we to assume that the pronunciation is the same whether the vocabulary highlighted in “patterns of use” is an independent word or part of a compound? The lack of furigana makes me nervous that I’m saying it wrong.

I would think so, because then it would be a different vocab word altogether.

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