Adding to Level 6 vocabulary

Hello, I noticed while doing my review that a few of the planets were left out of the vocabulary. All of the other planets are covered in including Earth at level 12. So I thought it would be good to add these to the vocabulary list at for level 6 as that is when you get the other planet vocabulary.

Currently Level 6 has the vocabulary for…

水星すいせい Mercury
金星きんせい Venus
土星どせい Saturn
海王星かいおうせい Neptune

But does not include

火星かせい Mars
木星もくせい Jupiter
天王星てんおうせい Uranus


Don’t forget Pluto. Poor Pluto.

(It’s 冥王星… not that 冥 is taught in WaniKani. Poor Pluto.)


I was thinking of Pluto as well but since the vocabulary is the planets I thought the 3 other planets that we have the kanji for should be included as well. I don’t see why they were excluded. The readings for all of them were simple except for

木星もくせい Jupiter

as I first thought it was きせい before guessing that it was actually もく.

Pluto is a planet damn it. I don’t care what anyone says. Nine planets. Long live Pluto. :rage:


It’s not like mistakenly categorizing it as a planet for a brief blip in time affected Pluto in any way.

There’s lots of neat stuff about Pluto and what category it falls into doesn’t really mean much. It’s not like Titan or Europa aren’t cool just because they aren’t planets.


Oh, and this part is particularly perplexing. If you want to make Pluto a planet again, why are you rejecting all the other dwarf planets from planet status? Well, I mean I guess it’s not perplexing… it’s just nostalgia factor, right?



Mondas now promoted to Ninth Planet.

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I really didn’t get why people think Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore. “Dwarf planet” has the word “planet” in it, doesn’t it? It’s just a different type of planet, that’s all.


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