Adding a Title

Sorry, hope this hasn’t been asked.

I have been graced with a Love Durtle, and I want to show him off on my title but I don’t know how. There is a little thingy off to the side that says the badge can be used as a title, then I click it, but nothing seems to happen.

Please help me, felllow durtlers!

If you go into preferences in your forum profile, there’s a little drop down menu for titles.




Click on the pen in the circle

Takes you here:

Which should then get you showing off the spiffy new badge/title.


Thank you!

What a great tutorial. Well impressed.


In addition, in the screen where you add the title, if you click the “Profile” tab on the left side, you can scroll down and add the love durtle as a badge on your usercard ^^

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Ooooh! Thanks!

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I would like to ask for further help, because I can’t find my ‘title’ drop down. But I guess that’s because I don’t have one :neutral_face:

Yeah the admins bestow them upon users

But, if you’re active on the forums, you’ll become a Regular instead of a Member and you can use “Regular” as your title!

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