Adding a few Kanji manually from higher levels

Level 4 (subscribed) here – still quite early on my journey, and I have no complaints about the amount of reviews I do per day.

Still, I acquire kanji from other sources, too. And I wish I could easily test them with spaced repetition, but those other sources usually aren’t as tailored for that as WaniKani.

Thus, I would appreciate a feature which allowed me to manually add a few kanji from higher levels into my current pile. Perhaps with a set limit for additions per each level passed?

I guess ultimately adding this feature depends a lot on how easy/hard it is to implement in the code.

Thanks for making WK and have a good 2020!


We all are liking this because we think it’s a good idea, but we know that only the Crabigator, or Kis priests at Tofugu, can decide in a meaningful way.

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