Addicted to Japanese?

Oh, I’m not sure that a similar approach would fit me. :frowning: I don’t think there’s going to be more free time after graduating, there’s always something to be done. I’m pretty sure I can handle Japanese even now, it just requires some little tweaks. :3 It’s also my source of inspiration and feels pretty relaxing (if done at proper time), so I really don’t wanna slow down too much.

Thank you anyways!

Here we go. I didn’t touch my reviews or any other learning resources.

And now I can happily jump into it. Yay!

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It’s not about free time. It’s about homework and studying.

Yes, there can be other responsibilities but none that depend on a grade. Therefore, you can always squeeze in time for learning without fear that you should be doing HW or studying. That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m getting that. But when I don’t get distracted I can manage to finish all of my tasks, so there’s still time for something I enjoy. I actually want to continue my studies, which will take like at least 4 more years. Putting back Japanese for such a long time sounds too sad ;(

Just finished a big batch of reviews and unlocked 40 something lessons.

I’m scared to click that button. I think I’m gonna have lunch first lol

Don’t be scared))) Have fun with that xD

I’ve just reached a new level and unlocked 95 lessons. Even mooooore fun

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Yeah that’s true. Then just do a little time management so that you don’t get overwhelmed by lessons and reviews!

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Yep, that’s what I’m trying to do. Thank you!

Oh great. Now I know about Bunpro… I will end up jobless and will die alone with nothing but my JLPT certificate laser etched into my headstone.


Welcome to the club!

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And here’s the second day after changing the schedule. Waking up late again because of the sickness. :frowning:

I won’t study any Japanese until 7 pm, as I did yesterday. It seems that this time choice works pretty well for me.

In case anybody reeds this, have a nice day! xD


One more day without touching any Japanese during the day. For some reason it felt a lot harder than yesterday. I was often thinking that maybe I should learn at least a little bit. xD

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And here’s the third day.

Good for you! I just can’t do it. I have cut back however. Now I check about twice a day but ONLY if I have done a predetermined amount of work. I guess i’m rewarding myself with Kanji. (instead of candy…get it…)

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lol, there was supposed to be an eyeroll after my incredibly sad kanji joke

The joke is actually pretty relatable xD

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