Add your own definitions app/mod?

I find there are a number of terms that I have internalized with synonymous definitions.  For example, 心理、which Wanikani lists as mental state, I nearly always enter as state of mind.  There aren’t many of these, but when you find one, it is annoying.  I have read through the list of existing apps and mods, and there doesn’t seem to be one that allows users to add definitions that will be marked correct.  Did I miss it?  Is it impossible?

Your consideration is appreciated, fellow followers of the Crabigator.

You may try requesting here for particular vocabs here:


there’s a little bar on the left side if you open item information that already lets you do this during reviews.  If you want to do it during lessons, there is a userscript for it that is in the list.  I can’t remember what it is called and don’t have the time to go through the whole list by myself, but it’s there so if you read through it again once more carefully (not trying to be patronizing here; I’ve had trouble finding a script before that I knew was there myself), you should be able to find it.

Edit: Checked the userscripts I installed.  It’s called “wanikani lesson user synonyms”.  Hope that helps!

Are you serious? You are seriously on Level 10 and have looked for, and not seen the Add Synonym button? I refuse to believe this is true.

The existence of this button fills me with a joy that I would have been denied had I been more observant.  Life is full of happy accidents.