Add "both directions" for 両方

The definition mentions that this vocab could mean “both”, and “both ways” and also mentions both directions as being valid, however it is not accepted as an answer. I added it as a synonym but I feel like it should be a default meaning since it’s mentioned in the defintion section.

It’s not saying that “both directions” is the meaning. It’s saying that the kanji in the word mean “both” and “direction/way”. So it’s part of the mnemonic / explanation only.

Personally, I would say the meaning “both directions” is borderline acceptable. That’s more of an English thing than a Japanese thing though. “Way” and “direction” are similar in English, but “look both ways” sounds better than “look both directions”, etc.

In any case, “both directions” doesn’t feel as good to me as “both”, both ways", and “both parties”.


I’m not sure if it means “both directions”, no dictionary I’ve checked lists that meaning, rather 両方向 is used for that. It means both ways, as in “both ways of doing that is fine”


Goo gives the example 右と左の両方を見てから進む, so I think it can be used for directionality. But I think it’s more commonly used as in “both ways of doing something” or “both people/parties”.

I don’t think that quite counts, as that’s also the “both” meaning, it’s just so happens that the two things are left and right.

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I suggest removing the synonym and not remembering it as “both directions” because it’s not really used like that 99% of the time. Stick with “both.”