Add 一寸(ちょっと)?

I learned from Bunsuke’s newsletter today that ちょっと can be written as 一寸. Knowing wankani’s love for words usually written in hiragana this seemed a match made in heaven. Sadly it appears to be missing - can we expect it to be added soon? I’ve got a 一寸大きい sized hole in my vocab.


I feel like that’s a bit obscure to warrant adding, although I suppose that hasn’t necessarily stopped them before.


Most Japanese people would read this as いっすん (particularly when you consider there’s a 昔話 called 一寸法師, いっすんぼうし).

When another reading is more common, I don’t think it’s a good idea to teach a more obscure one. WK already does this in a few cases, and I think they should change those.

It makes for a better kanji writing trivia item than a kanji reading one. I’ve seen it appear on quiz shows in Japan.

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