Actually took the courge to do a reset!

Hey, after been in level 23 and feeling stuck for a year or so, I decided to start over, and this time do it more fixed, with a little notebook where I write the kanjis and notes. It was a big decision for me, I hope i’ll be for the best.
It took me so much time to reach level 23, and now to start it all again…


The second time around should go a lot easier, since you’ll mostly just be refreshing knowledge that you have already learned! And taking physical notes is an excellent idea. Learning how to write kanji has done a lot to help me remember them, plus it’s honestly kind of fun!

I hope this next try goes better for you!


You got this!

I also have a little notebook for wanikani


That take a lot of dedication and courage. Good luck


Sounds like a smart decision!
Been there, done that, was VERY worth it! :heart:


Good luck this time around :muscle:
You got this :triumph:

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It’s not an easy decision to make. I almost made the same a few month ago.

Good luck with your fresh start!

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I did the same last month after being in a similar situation (mid-20s for over a year) - it’s so much easier now! Plus I’ve discovered scripts, which is a game changer for me. Good luck, you’ll get back there eventually!

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I think an important thing is identifying what got you “stuck” or in a difficult situation the first time around, in order to avoid that on the second go.