Actual kanji for the different SRS stages?

Hi all!

I’m working on a userscript to change the level detail page to breakdown items by SRS stage and have run into a dilemma. The legend in the current level details page has kanji for the various categories… so what would the kanji for the various SRS stages be???

I could guess or look it up, but knowing that a lot of kanji has little nuances I’d rather not get it wrong :sweat_smile:

Use the Aria terms. ペア、シングル、プリーマ :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe 弟子、修行僧、師匠、覚者、um… 全焼? 焼き亀?

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Yeah, I was hoping to have a single character for each to fit in a circle like the previous ones though :sob:

Maybe I’ll just leave the circles empty without characters since it’s really just the color that’s important…

My best guesses for single kanjis would be 子(?)、??? (I can’t even come up with a decent guess for guru… maybe 成?) 、師、覚、焦

maybe 卵? Since the illustrations are also hatching eggs, it might be fitting?

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