Active Japanization Classroom (AJC)


Hi guys, I’m back from my Japan trip (just before the typhoon & earthquake) and here’s your newest update:

  • expelled because inactive: nobody (yay!)
  • subsequent weeks without losing members: 1 (record: 1)
  • last update without losing members: 2018-09-07
  • the average unlocks per day of the entire classroom has decreased from 12.06 to 11.96

@meldo & @somatophobia: I just added you to the spreadsheet, welcome to the classroom!
@Torao92: I added you back to the spreadsheet, how long was your hiatus? And did you have any other hiatuses? I’d be happy to correct your WK start date by the hiatuses you had so the statistics is more correct. Also, if you want you can add your native language to the spreadsheet.


Welcome back from Japan! I hope you had fun, and thanks for adding me. :slight_smile:


Thank you @somatophobia, I was on tour with a hobby-chorus from Germany singing German and Japanese songs at different cities in Japan as a cultural activity. It sure was fun and I got to see different cities and made acquaintances with two host families to test my Japanese language/cultural skills. You can learn more about the trip on our website here (it’s German, though, here’s a translated version of the site).


I think I haven’t used wk from the beginning of June to end of July. I can’t remember the exact date but I think that was the period I was on hiatus.


@Torao92 Okay, I added two months then to your start date. If you want me to correct any other hiatus, please let me know.


Ok I will. Thanks alot :smile:


You were level 38, I’m now level 38. So nice to be following your steps


I want to be in the list :slight_smile: con you add me please?


I was merely the first, but we’ll all stand on top eventually :wink:


Just wanted to let you know, I id reset back to lvl 5.


Here’s this weeks script-based spreadsheet update info:

  • expelled because inactive: @hellistic, @MidnightOverlord, @BlueberryPear
  • subsequent weeks without losing members: 0 (record: 1)
  • last update without losing members: 2018-09-07
  • the average unlocks per day of the entire classroom has decreased from 11.96 to 11.59

@AdrianaGenis: You’ve been added to the spreadsheet – welcome to the classroom! Feel free to add your native language to the spreadsheet. Also let me know, if you had any hiatuses so I can correct your WaniKani start date accordingly.

@cybershark: Did you reset due to a time period where you haven’t really been active? If so, tell me the length of that period and I will correct your start date for more useful statistics.


hey ! I was part of the first class with prozarpicus , I didn’t know another class started to replace it

I didn’t even know I was a member LOL

since I’m still active it’s great to be part of it :smiley:


@MidnightOverlord @BlueberryPear
Aaaaah! Come back! :sob:


@Dschee yeah, i took a longer break of around 20 days because of heavy workload at my job. Would be awsome, if you could adjust my start day accordingly


@MidnightOverlord @BlueberryPear :sob::sob:


@Dschee Does your script depend on WK username? If so, just to let you know that I changed my WK username from nanda19 to Oshin.


@cybershark Changed your start date accordingly!
@Oshin Thank you for the info. Yes, indeed, it’s based on username and I changed yours. :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks for changing it. I’ve just checked the sheet. The other two tabs on the right (Sorted by Unlocked per Day and Sorted by Unlocked) still have my old WK username though. Well, if those two tabs were kind of generated from the first tab (from your script), then it doesn’t matter, otherwise, I’m just letting you know.