Achievment unlocked! Read a page of japanese text within 5 minutes, and understand it

By page, I’m talking about 8 or 9 speech bubbles, but there was 0 furigana.

Yeah, it’s not that big a deal, but it is for me, since it really did take me less than 5 minutes to read and understand what is said, in both meaning AND tone.

And since I had to reset a bunch of levels, this also helped me regain some confidence


I don t have the confidence to try reading yet, I m scared it will discourage me from learning japanese !

I persist on a certain amount of frustration, though I had to jump back a few levels because for some reason none of the new vocabulary I was learning stuck.

It’s mostly fine now, but due to that I haven’t been as passionate fr the past month or so.
Time wise, I think this past month I spent less time studying than in an average week from before my slump, though I’m getting back in rhythm


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