Achievement: Read my first whole manga series in Japanese

:open_mouth::open_mouth: … wow… seems pretty much like the speed at which I’ll read in my native language :exploding_head:

Ohh… Good to know that even if vocab can be settle after getting acquainted with some thousand more words there still will be new challenges at grasping upcoming readings :sweat_smile:

My next challenge after finishing the 小学生 graded series looks like this

I’ll be making a similar post then!!!:muscle::muscle:


I love Kare Kano! Congratulations!

I’m not quite at that stage yet (just finished my first N3 level graded reader without having to look up anything) but I have 15 volumes of Natsume Yuujinchou staring at me that need to be read…

That’s the goal!


why did that intermediate book club stop?
could always revive it. depending on what you’d want to read, i might sign up for it.

not so into manga though. a novel or whatever would be cool.


^^^ There were multiple issues with that book club and I hope we can overcome them one day. But for now your best bet is just to start reading whatever you find interesting and not rely on any book clubs.

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Niiice! Congratulations! :coffee::ok_hand:
I’m currently through 4 volumes of death note and started reading 亜人 (ajin) a few days ago. Want to order the full set of 東京グール as well but I need to stop the drunk japanese amazon late night shopping until I actually finish what I’ve already got.

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I hope you enjoy it! I recently watched the movie adaptation on a plane trip. (I understand it is an anime series as well)

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The “Beginner” book club will be reading 時をかける少女 towards the end of the year, you’re most welcome to join us.


sounds good, i watched the anime once. i tried to look it up on amazon and found lots of different ones though…

We’re officially reading the second item listed in your picture (bright green border) which uses furigana. This is linked to in the book club thread, so you could always go there to make sure you’re getting the right one. You could technically also get the one immediately to its left, which doesn’t use furigana. But it might be a little harder to follow the group discussion since the page numbers won’t line up.


I have the first one, and will be reading it without furigana, and adding in page numbers.
Feel free to join in!


gotcha. i’ll buy it and dig through the threads to find out what’s going on. didn’t take part in any clubs yet. i’m a wk book club virgin. :slight_smile:


@OmukaiAndi Can you drop a link to that first one in your picture? It’s slightly different from how it’s listed in my search. (My search shows the promotional cover for the movie and lists a different release date, but I still think it’s the same.)


i bought the green one now. i know a little japanese, but i don’t know how kanji taste. gonna try my best to follow.

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Yep it’s the same. Yours was just focusing on the kindle version, which displays the original cover.

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@NickNickovich Sorry for derailing the thread, but congrats on your achievement! Have you decided what series to read next?

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@seanblue No problem, it was about reading after all :slightly_smiling_face: and sorry @OmukaiAndi for my misleading reply, for some reason I assumed that you were not interested in beginner clubs :sweat:

Yep, started reading Slam Dunk. Have read the first volume, 30 more to go :rofl:


Omedetou ! :smile:
I read Kare Kano a few years ago in English and loved it! I haven’t tried reading manga in Japanese since I finished N3 but I think I’ll go back and try again… I’m currently only on level 5 though so let’s see how that goes. All the best for your future reads. :smile:


@NickNickovich Congrats! I bought a series I like while I was in Japan since it was ~ $8 for 13 volumes (used), but I haven’t gotten past the first chapter yet :sweat_smile:
Did u look up every word or just the ones you needed to get the gist of what was happening?

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@pensei Thank you!

Wow! That’s a nice price! Looking forward to go to Japan myself to buy some books, because delivery cost is just ridiculous.

Yeah, basically looked up every word I didn’t know. When I read books I also often look up reading for words even if I know the meaning. With most mangas it’s easier, because they have furigana.
Don’t look up as much these days though. There are many words that have multiple meanings and it’s much easier to try to understand them directly from the context. Too often I find myself in a situation when I look up a word, read the translation, but don’t feel like I understand it any better. But yeah, there are some words that you can’t infer from the context and they are usually crucial for understanding.

Anyway, good luck with your reading, I think there is no right or wrong way to read, just read what you are interested in and you’ll find out what works for you naturally.

@Makoto-ito Thank you!

Yeah, it’s a great manga. Have you read the whole series? There are some major twists in the end.

You should definitely try! Check out Master List of Book Clubs, especially Beginner and Absolute Beginner ones if you want to read manga.

Don’t get too fixated on WK level, WK definitely makes reading experience smoother, but it’s not everything. Don’t wait until you reach level 60 if you want to read something now.

Same to you! :grin:

Also, didn’t feel like creating another thread, so here’s an update on my achievements in this area:

  • Read two other whole series: Slam Dunk and Monster
  • Changed my goal to 100 manga volumes read overall and reached it on February, 21
  • Currently reading books with 多読/extensive reading challenge group. New goal - to read 25 books this year :v:

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