Accidentally typing double "n" for English meanings

I have a recurring issue where I accidentally push the letter “n” twice when typing the english meanings Unfortunately it is a habit I developed for typing the japanese readings. More unfortunately, this always seems to mark my answer as incorrect, which I find strange as WaniKani allows for mistypes to some degree, and I cannot see how this is anything but that.

I know I should slow down a little and I would probably remove the silly error. I recently reset my account as I lost control of my reviews so I am flying through the early levels at the moment.

Not really anything anyone can do, just frustrated as I got “man” wrong for typing “mann” earlier, and the other day I got “ten” wrong for typing “tenn”


The autocorrect is wonky for short words like that. I think mann should work for man, but it may be an abnormal case. Anyhow, I know that the longer the word is, the more lenient the spellchecking is. And generally there are few 3 letter vocab words (most of which are in the early levels), so if you really can’t break the habit just on your own, it will be solved with time.

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You could add the double-n vocab as synonyms, or you could get the Override userscript (which is really useful for all kinds of typos–just take care not to abuse it).

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Words shorter that 4 letters don’t allow for typos. But you can add the mann and tenn as synonyms


I suppose I dont remember this happening on lol ger words either. Thanks for the reassurance. I suppose I’ll just be careful for a little while.


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And I hadn’t even considered adding synonyms. That’ll do for me. Thanks everyone.


Cann’t say I’ve anny experiennce of this problem.

But I believe it is knnown as ‘Wannikanni synndrome’.



I don’t have the nn thing, but I do have to consciously remind myself to type “tsu” instead of “tu” in romaji.


Shi instead of si. Chi instead of ti. Dzu instead of du.

The struggle is real.


Wow so many potential typing issues. Thankfully I only type “nn”. Incidently since I posted the original post I have not made the mistake. “Wannikanni syndrome” is cureable haha


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