Accept answers with an extra article in front

It feels like would the answers ever be wrong with the article “the” in front compared to missing it? Sometimes there’s places where I’d rather type in “the entire body” than “entire body”. There’s pre-prepared synonyms in place for a lot of vocab (with and without the article) but would it be even better if the system automatically recognized any articles in front and ignored them for whether the answer is correct?

Maybe there’s something like “The Moon” as opposed to just a moon, though I think those are the same word in Japanese, aren’t they?

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The generic term for a natural satellite in Japanese is 衛星えいせい. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d call a moon that isn’t The Moon.

Sorry to not get into the discussion about having articles or not.


I haven’t really run into this problem over the years. But I do think there’s a difference when you put “the” in front of things, at least in english. I would just install the override script and if you run into this, ignore the answer, add the synonym and move on. Or drop the "the"s, I don’t think they’re necessary.

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