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I started the year well, by doing some Japanese :grin:
I joined the new site, MaruMori on Christmas, and treated myself to lifetime (it is free for now though, if anyone wants to check it out! I just wanted to treat myself for Christmas, so grabbed it now at the lowest price it will ever be)
I got through parts of the Absolute Beginner area, but had about half of it left, which I spent all day on.
Left the very last section to go out and look at the fireworks. Turns out it was just about 2 mins reading, so could have done it before midnight =P
But oh well, ended the last with Japanese, started the new with more :grin:

So I’ve only done the Absolute Beginner area, which is an introduction to subjects as well as teaching Hiragana and Katakana, so there will be no romaji! Good!
It is SO adorable!!! And has so much humor in the text that it is joy to read :grin:

I do recommend checking it out.
It is still in the beginner faze, so a lot of content is missing. But the idea is that it will teach you everything you need; Kanji, vocab, grammar and a focus on reading with texts for every level. Even the absolute beginner area had a simple text for reading at that level.

It is made by the Kitsun team (or person? Company?)

I was early enough to grab the name Storm :sunglasses:
Noticed it was available on Kitsun as well, and they changed it for me manually, on Christmas! :partying_face:
What a great service!

I know this sounds like an add, and I guess it kinda is. But I am in no way affiliated or paid, just genuinely love what they are doing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think I see @Lewby さん there!


Haha yes, they would fit right in! :rofl:


Missed some updates again. Ah, lets just have them out of order then :person_shrugging:

Today was my birthday, and it started out with a BIG surprize: a week ago I saw a cat for adoption. Beautiful Bengal! I wrote but never heard back. Untill this morning! With a yes!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Had a theater + pizza with family and a friend already. Picked the kitty up after.

His name is Sam. A Sam to my Frodo! (And Kili)

He has King Cheetah marble pattern! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got this beauty in the mail today!

I’ve considered it for years now, but always put it off.
My favourite band, Kaizers Orchestra (Norwegian Ompa Pop. It sounds weird, and it is! And I am here for it!), kept releasing their records on vinyl and saying how superior the sound is.
They then took a 10 year break to pursue other things/solo careers.
They just got back together again and are now re-releasing a set of remasters, with a discount price for the whole set… So… OK, I’m in, it’s time!

(The “Spar 100” (save 100) is from the preorder price. Buying each individually costs WAY more, so save a lot more than a 100 NoK)

I bought a cool green one with spots first. Was supposedly “ostrich,” but looked like snakeskin to me.
After a week and a half of waiting for it to ship I get an email that it was out of stock -__
So I took my business elsewhere. Out of the country even!
Somehow this one, which is exact same brand just different color, cost les, including shipping and import, from Denmark! And it arrived the next day! SO FAST!

It got here faster than the vinyls! I have nothing to play on it yet! :rofl:
I have three separate orders on the way though (from the site that snubbed me by taking SO long before realising they don’t have it… They had a sale going, and by taking that long I would have to buy it full price if I just picked a different one from them…so they lost that sale)

The first in the remaster set got sent today (rest will be sent once per month till July)
I ordered two from the solo career of the lead singer, Janove Ottesen, about a week or two ago, they too got sent today… slow much…But at least they are coming. They were on sale. Will get the rest later, spent enough now ^^; (the set, which is the most expensive part, will be paid of gradually)
Yesterday I realised another favorite of mine who has this mythical fairy voice (literally! She is the voice of the spirit that sings to Elsa in Frozen “in to the unknown”! Beautiful voice!) also has vinyls, of cause! Her music just fits that quality somehow. Her name is Aurora, and is best known for the “Murer Song” O_o (the title and topic is horrible yet wholesome! It sounds like a kidnap victim being murdered and just accepting her faith, but turns out it is a sick woman who has begged her husband to end her suffering for her)
Those got sent yesterday, so MIGHT be here tonight/in the morning (we have a “delivery with the newspaper route” service). If not they should all be here early next week, likely Monday.

Oh! And today the lead singer found some limited editions of one of the vinyls I didn’t buy, and bundled it with a super cool shirt/sweater with lyrics from one of his songs on it; “The world is going to h(ll”, and a high quality art book (blank pages to paint/draw/write on) So got that too…
(It is already out of stock, was only 12 available!)
Oh, and can see the player fits the aesthetics! :grin:

Did I mention I am trying my darndest to save up money cause I need it for something important? :shushing_face: ADHA be like that… XD
Super bad timing, but so many of these was a now or never, and so worth it! (I hope XD )


I’ve had so much to share but keep forgetting ^^;

I’ll see if I can add some later. But, for now, today is Eevee’s 17th birthday!

She is very happy and healthy, but her vision has gotten impaired or possibly all gone.
As an indoor cat it doesn’t hinder her though. She can find her food, water and litterbox. And have been very snuggly lately, purring (of happiness. I know they can purr from pain as well. She has no signs of akes or pains)