Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

Oh yeah, that’s just our pranking tradition.


maybe some of us are procrastinators who need a mental break

That’s true. Otherwise the true powers of POLLfam to spread tire pizzas, catgirls, and hatred and scorn luv and uwu would corrupt Earth


See what you did? They’re breaching containment.


I see this is starting to take up form. Seems like an idea then.

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Yeah, I made a todo entry for it. Sadly/luckily I have enough programming in my life that I don’t feel the need to do it immediately :laughing:


I was thinking about quickly whipping up some site. Maybe I try the idea I had earlier.

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In my opinion, to make it good you’d need:

  • Notifications that also work while the page is closed (and get later delivered when the browser is reopened)
  • Granular control for subscribers what they want to subscribe to (e.g. “only voting for the BBC” or “call for nominations, voting and book starts for the ABBC”)
  • A way to authenticate club leaders so you don’t need to send out every single notification by yourself

I have ideas for all of that, but it’s more than half an hour, so… todo list for now.


That’s what push notifs are for, on mobile they even get delivered through regular notifications any time.

The system I was thinking about goes something like this:

  • If you log in, you can request editor access.

  • I personally accept that editor request

  • At this point, you have access to the existing book clubs, and can create one if it doesn’t yet exist

  • When selecting a club, you have the option to send out notifications to all subscribed members, be that a new book starting up, voting period, nomination period, whatever.

  • Without logging in even, you can see all the book clubs that were created, and can subscribe to them

In the future this can be extended with notification types, so if you don’t want to see nomination periods, you can leave them out, book club leadership, if trust for some reason becomes an issue (though I doubt it). Etc etc.


My main purpose in the WK forums is derailing threads with tech talk and then making amends for it:


Watching this thread from now.
Just start grammar (with bunpro + first minna no nihongo textbook), probably a little bit too soon to jump on the train with Ruri Dragon (unfortunatly, because it’s seems pretty cool), but i will work to get ready for The Wolf of the Small Forest.


You can always return when you feel like you are ready to tackle it. Especially if the book club is reading something you don’t care much about.


Finally, because i had to place an order on amazon jp I add Ruri Dragon to it :slight_smile: I will try to catch up for the next weeks.


I have to catch up, too. Thanks to a new job i started literaly the week ruri reading started I struggle to get some time for ruri reading :see_no_evil: at least I‘m somehow able to squeez in review time


Me too :sob: i now have 100 messages to read in ruri week 2.

I’ve created a new (and slightly more challenging) study schedule, settling into a new job, and trying to read books and maintain my Goodreads goal all at the same time. It’s chaotic, my brain is on active mode all day lol

But I’m going to tackle all that Ruri Dragon jazz tomorrow.


If you want to start before you get the physical book: Bookwalker has a free preview that works for the first 5 weeks of the club.


Ruri is a really fun and cute read, just read it few months ago. I really hope it’ll get a continuation one day…


Crystal Hunters


Crystal Hunters is something that happened because we wanted to have more fun learning languages. Too much of language learning focuses on cramming vocabulary and grammar, and almost none of it focuses on enjoying the language you’ve already learned. So why not learn new things in your target language and then immediately see them used in an epic tale of monsters and magic? We wanted a world with something like this in it, so we’re making it happen.

Take the first step on your adventure to learn Japanese. You only need to know 87 Japanese words and particles to read over 100 pages of an epic manga with monsters and magic. Free guides to help read and understand the whole manga can be found on ou


[Free vol 1 simplified Japanese: learn, japanese, easy / Crystal Hunters (Japanese) - pixiv]
[Free vol 1 Natural Japanese: japanese, learn, manga / Crystal Hunters (自然な日本語版) - pixiv)]

Main website: (BUY THE BOOKS – Crystal Hunters Manga)
Amazon: vol 1-6 simplified Japanese: Crystal Hunters (Japanese)
vol 1-6 Natural Japanese Crystal Hunters (Japanese - Natural)

Free kanji/vocab guides in multiple languages for each volume: FREE STUFF – Crystal Hunters Manga

Personal Opinion

This is perfect for absolute beginners as it has guides for each volume to help with everything and you can choose to read the simplified or normal Japanese version.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • It is built like a graded reader so it starts easier but as you move from one volume it gives you more vocab and grammar while using the ones you learned in the previous volume.
  • It has guides to help you understand
  • it has different languages
  • it is only 2.99 for each volume or free if you have kindle unlimited
  • sometimes It has sales when new vol is released and you can get the previous ones for free.


  • vol2-6 costs money
  • no physical version for those that want it


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

Difficulty Poll

How much effort would you need to read this book?

  • No effort at all
  • Minimal effort
  • Moderate effort
  • Substantial effort
  • So much effort my head might explode :exploding_head:
  • I don’t know
0 voters
Difficulty choice
  • Simple[the example pics][Furigana, less kanji, grammar, vocab in vol 1 but builds up each of those for each volume] *
  • Natural [No Furigana, natural use of kanji, grammar, vocab in each volume]
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Great pick! It would be a good fit for the club for sure! Just one point of clarification: Which version are you suggesting for the club? The simplified version or the natural version?

I don’t know, which one should be used?
simple or natural?
should it be up to the reader to choose?

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One version should be decided on since there will be differences in the writing between the versions, and we want the club to all read the same version for discussion/question purposes.

I think either one would be a solid choice for the club. We tend towards native picks here, so I might suggest the native version for that reason, but the simplified version would be more immediately accessible to beginners. :joy:

If you aren’t sure which version you want, you could edit in an additional poll to your nomination post to see which version folks prefer. :grin:

Edit: Though it does look like the natural version doesn’t have furigana included in the manga itself (probably in the guides and stuff, you can find help there), so that’s something to keep in mind!