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Vote For The Next Book!

It’s time to decide on which book we read after レンタルおにいちゃん. We are voting for a book we would start to read in early November.

You can vote for up to three choices, and you are allowed to go back in and change your votes if you wish. I will keep the poll open for a few days.

Guidance on book difficulty:

The number next to the books is a guidance on book difficulty, as rated by forum users. A score of 3 means the difficulty was judged to be about right for this club. A higher score means it has been judged more challenging. The maximum score is 5.

This is only a very rough judgement of difficulty. Do look at the sample pages for yourself in the original nomination posts. Japanese Folk Tales was nominated late and not yet rated by the group.

The Choices

Title Description
日本昔ばなしアニメ絵本 Japanese Fairy Tales Picture Book Set of 16 (physical books only)
福娘童話集 Lucky Princess Fairy Tale Collection (website)
10分で読める伝記2年生 10 Minute Readers - Biographies - 2nd grade student level (book & ebook)
こぐまのクーク物語 春と夏 Kuuku the Bear Cub’s Story, Spring and Summer (book & ebook)
日本の昔ばなし Japanese Folk Tales Collection Vol 1 - Issun-boshi & other stories (ebook only)
あたしンち My Family (manga)
Wanted Short stories from the creator of One Piece (manga)
ドラゴンボール Dragon Ball SD - remake for younger children (manga)

The Covers

Open to View

Japanese Fairy Tale Picture Book Set of 16

Lucky Princess Fairy Tales

10 minute readers - Biographies

Kuuku the Bear Cub’s Story

Japanese Folk Tales Collection (Issun-boshi and other stories)
Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 10.34.24



Dragon Ball SD

Vote Now! Which book would you like the Absolute Beginner Book Club to Read Next?

  • Japanese Fairy Tale Picture Book Set of 16 [2.9]

  • Lucky Princess Fairy Tales Website [3.2]

  • 10 minute readers - Biographies (2nd Grade) [3.0]

  • Kuuku the Bear Cub’s Story [3.0]

  • Japanese Folk Tales Collection (Issun-boshi & other stories)

  • Atashin’chi [3.1]

  • Wanted [3.4]

  • Dragon Ball SD [3.2]

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Can someone change the start of the thread title from “SELECTING NEXT BOOK” to “VOTE NOW FOR NEXT BOOK” please. Thanks!

Done :slight_smile:


I’d add to that, no kanji.


I’d add to this:

Very large font, easy to read without a magnifying glass


That is the best argument! Relief for my poor eyes


I’m noticing now that that can be a huge issue with some of the manga I’m reading. If it’s a kanji I don’t recognize, I sometimes can’t make out the furigana so looking it up is more difficult than necessary.

Glad I decided to pop back into this thread since it’s been a few days. Managed to get my votes in and my top 3 match the current top 3 so that’s a good sign. The various folk tale suggestions look good, and I almost voted for Folktales from Japan Volume 1 - Issun-Boshi and other stories. Main thing holding me back was the lack of any kanji, though that sometimes helps me realize I need to work on memorizing the readings more. I liked the idea of being able to practice listening alongside as well… I may still change a vote.


How long is the poll going to be open for?
(I only made one vote, for “Wanted”, and I’m hoping for a sudden surge!)

I was just about to say I was still rooting for Dragon Ball SD, but then I scrolled up and saw it dropped to fourth place :scream: Maybe I should put on my big girl pants and try to read it by myself :thinking:

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My own nomination is coming dead last right now…

Though, I kinda wanna vote for getting 10分で読める物語 二年生 finished instead…


Votes are drying up now so let’s close this Wednesday evening UK time. That’s about 24 hours from now.

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The vote is tied! Would we do another vote if it doesn’t change?

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I’m always sad that it doesn’t win because it’s a free resrouce and we can pick whatever story we like. I also like that it comes with audio, so one can practice not only reading but listening, too.

(You also don’t need a magnifyin glass. You can either zoom in on your phone / computer or copy the text and make the font bigger in word etc.)


Maybe I just need to spend more time hyping it up every time a poll goes wandering past. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve closed the poll - the biographies book was the winner. It was a close run for top spot with Kuuku but the 10 minute reader kept its nose ahead most of the time!

I’m happy to let someone else run this one if they are keen to. Otherwise I’ll get the home thread up later this week.


Can we please change the thread title to: Currently Reading: Big Brother Rental // Absolute Beginners Book Club // Starting November: 10 Minute Biographies (2nd Grade Reader)


Done :slight_smile:

Please complain if I messed up - I‘m on my phone atm…


There’s always the option of a spin-off club.


I’d be up for that. A decent share of the Dragon Ball SD voters don’t seem interested in ‘10 Minute Readers’, so it could be an unofficial alternative to tide us over until the next pick?

What say you, @bizel, @Ascend, @Alark2002, @Marifly, @moxtef, @Namaela, @Kappa420, @Iyan and @gbeard99?

EDIT: I’ve made a thread.


In danger of over committing to book clubs, but I’d probably join along too. It was my third pick but I kept switching that vote around. I’m still interested in finally reading some Dragon Ball though and that still looked like a great way to do it.