Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

Currently gauging interest for a Re-Reading Club! Please check it out if you’re interested!

Even if you haven’t read a single book yet, this club might be helpful to you if we end up rereading any ABBC books since first time readers would also be encouraged to take part. So please check it out!


Kuku the bear cub finally gets his club: こぐまのクーク物語春と夏 offshoot book club

@soggyboy go ahead and cull remove him from the nominations


Farewell, Kuuku…


Nooo, this is a happy occasion! Kuuku has finally been adopted!


Hi! I’m from Argentina and I just discovered this club! I want to buy some digital manga to start reading, i am a little bit confused by the medium to get one. For example amazon.jp, do i need to live in japan to use that? I have an account with amazon.es and i dont know what will happen with the books i’ve already bought there if i switch to japan configuration… or for example, if i buy it by BookWalker, how do i get the product? they send a pdf to my email? (so i can print it, wich i would like) or i only can acces through the website (and can’t print it) the same question goes for Rakuten.
Any guidance would be appreciated, i really would like to be able to print or at least get a pdf so i can swap to different devices, but i have the guess that most of them need an app wich you have to have a VPN that says you are in Japan.

Unfortunately, none of the vendors just give you a straight pdf or ebook. There are unofficial de-DRM tools that will let you convert your copy but you do need to use the provider’s app or website to read otherwise.


Amazon stores the accounts separately. You’d have a separate Japanese account. You can theoretically use both at the same time, but you’d need to switch between them constantly. In theory you need to live in Japan, but using a vpn just once solves that issue, and you can freely purchase books from then on without one.

As for bookwalker, they have a built in reader and they give you no way to download the book.

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ありがとうみんな!Wich one is your favorite to get digital ebooks?

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I mostly use Amazon.co.jp, which is for me the easiest and fastest way to get DRM-free* books once you are set-up, which takes some time (and for books released after 2020 or so you need a Kindle do be able do de-DRM* them). I also like to read books on my Kindle, so it’s the obvious choice there, and it’s the only way I know to ultimately get DRM-free* non-manga books with selectable text.

But what I would recommend to you for manga is Bookwalker. It’s easy to sign up for non-Japanese customers (e.g. no need for a Japanese address or a VPN or anything like that), easy to use, has apps for multiple platforms and if you ever want to you can also de-DRM* them.

PS: If you want to join the club, maybe you also want to get Tamamo no Koi - we are starting reading this here in 2 weeks!

*) I don’t think we are supposed to talk about de-DRMing details on this forum, even if it’s just for personal usage, so don’t ask me how - you’ll have to google around yourself.


I use Bookwalker. Easy for purchases without needing a VPN or Japanese address, and I’m not tech-savvy.

While you can’t download to print per se, you can download to their app for offline reading, which is what I usually do.


I’m personally very partial towards amazon, because apparently being one of the biggest companies in the world means that you can make a phone app that doesn’t take ages to load a new image. This might sound like a non-issue, because realistically you only need to load in a new image when you’re flipping pages, but in practice the bookwalker app is very reload-happy.

You minimized the app for a millisecond? Reload
Changed the size of the app (for example with multi tasking or having the manga as a floating window)? Reload
Looked at the image a bit too hard? Reload

In the olden days even zooming sometimes caused reloads, but apparently this seems fixed?

And if you want to flip through a book, good luck.

It’s also worth mentioning, that the simple fact of being able to remove the drm off of kindle books opens them up to a whole array of potential uses, most of which would barely be possible with bookwalker, if at all.


Thank you for inviting me, I’ll be buying Tamamo no Koi then. I guess I’ll be using BookWalker for now meanwhile I figure out how to read manga on my kindle aswell.